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Soon to come

2009-12-23 12:48:13 by Meatcurtains

Ello all, im new to NG, well not NG, but being NG member. ima try to get my music as well as some artwork up before i go to iraq. so plz be patient, give me a chance to learn how to set all this up and ill get yall some entertainment and hopefully yall will like it. oh and if i dont hers a link to a page that has some remakes as well as some originals.
i know the name is lame, iv used it since i was 14, and i got a little name for mahself in Louisiana, so its hard to just up and change without there being a pain in some cases.


Soon to come


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2009-12-30 01:45:07

the music i have uploaded is not from the uprising album as of now ;) but it is some older shit. to listen to my newr shit go to
thats where the uprising has been uploaded.